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The classic Indian saree is six yards of sheer elegance, beauty, and grace. The saree is worn in different styles across cultures and in different corners of the country. However, there are two things that are consistent when it comes to the saree.

1. It suits every body type and brings out Indian femininity
2. Indian women today prefer to wear fusion outfits as opposed to this classic

I AM is an endeavor by celebrity drape artist, Dolly Jain to revolutionize the way women wear sarees. Her years of experience draping brides for their big day and celebrities for red carpets culminated in a wonder product - The D’Coat.

Think of the D'coat as the updated, newer and more wearable version of the age-old petticoat. Designed with the best material and with utmost care this underskirt adds shape, accentuates contours and ensures you look and feel your best. From cotton sarees to net sarees we’ve got a D’coat for every drape. Serving the dual purpose of a petticoat and saree shapewear - the D’coat makes the traditional saree - comfortable, wearable and oh so breathable!

A store bought petticoat can never give you the same fit as our custom D'coat. Head to the shop page to explore the unlimited varieties of underskirts, customize your size and pick a colour to perfectly pair with your saree.