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Celebrity saree draper, Dolly Jain is truly six yards ahead of her time. There's a drape for every personality, every occasion, every mood and she has visualised them all. Dolly Jain has draped the likes of Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Isha Ambani and many more notable personalities looking to feel their best on special occasions. Her deep understanding of fabrics, silhouettes, cuts and passion for homegrown weaves has led her to identify the innumerable overlooked problems associated with the saree wearing experience.

Dolly Jain's several years of expertise, thorough knowledge about the art of saree draping and understanding of the Indian body type has culminated in the brand - I AM.

I AM by Dolly Jain has set out to revolutionise the saree draping experience for women across the globe with one solution : D'coat.

The D'Coat is a new age spin on the conventional and now outdated petticoat. Our D'coat is carefully designed for the limitless women who cherishes her freedom and dances to the sound of her own tune. The detachable cancan, flexible extender to increase and reduce length, flare and volume, woven drawstring and breathable fabric are just a few tiny details that create comfort and exude confidence.


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