Most favourite saree draping styles for weddings

Posted on November 9th, 2022 11:44 AM
Most favourite saree draping styles for weddings

With the wedding season in full mode, a lot of women are rushing to invest in their favorite sarees that are the ultimate choice for any Indian ceremony. Right from being a bride to attending the wedding party, sarees are the first choice and offer a graceful, elegant, and flattering appeal that transforms your personality and gives you a glamorous look.

While an ordinary draping style looks chic and pretty, that’s not the only way to make a saree look good, there are other interesting ways that you can drape the saree that make you easily stand out from the rest.

Here are some in-trend and beautiful draping ideas that allow you take a break from the conventional style.

Lehenga draping style

Instead of investing in an expensive lehenga, you can simply style your saree to showcase the beautiful lehenga draping style. This simple draping style is created by adding small pleats all around and leaving some of the saree’s length to form the pallu. You then need to bring one end of the pallu to the front and tuck it in at the waist allowing it to rest and flow beautifully.

Gujarati draping style

This draping style is suitable for women of all ages and is quite popular for wedding ceremonies and receptions. All you need to do is tuck your pleats to the left side so that it opens on the left and then take the pallu to the back and over the right shoulder and pin it up. You then need to spread it across the bodice and tuck in the petticoat at the back so that it highlights the heavy borders and intricate work.

Rajrani draping style
This draping style is perfect for newly wedded brides if you are heading out for your first wedding reception or ceremony. It features the pally draped like a dupatta which offers a unique look to your outfit. With this draping style, it’s advised to opt for a heavy border pallu and double shades for a rich and regal look.

Bengali draping style

If you’re looking for another draping style that’s graceful, elegant, and charming, why not look towards the Bengali style saree that showcases a rich zari work or a gorgeous border? What you need to do is rest the pallu on your left shoulder and bring it to the front towards your right shoulder. You can then pull it under your arm and tuck it safely on the right side of your hip.

Mundum Neriyathum draping style
This type of draping style is unique and made out of woven cotton in shades of white or cream as well as comes with thick borders running alongside the edges to offer a stunning contrast with the main fabric. The sarees that are worn in this draping style are available in a wide range of shades. So, women can choose the ideal saree and drape it in Mundum Neriyatham style and complete their look with classic south Indian jewelry set in gold for a traditional look.

Marathi draping style

One of the most loved regional draping styles, the Maharashtrian saree drape is not only popular in wedding ceremonies but for receptions as well. This drape offers a certain amount of lightness and fun and is made to highlight your curvaceous figure as well as offers ease of movement to run, sit and even get work done easily. This draping style can be worn with a blouse designed from a beautiful Kuhn fabric that offers your outfit a lot more panache.

Casual royal-style drape

The elegance of this draping style speaks out all things regal and exclusive. Royal saree draping is mostly worn for formal or special occasions like festivals, celebrations, weddings, and more, where guests are required to wear traditional attire.

Double draping style

Double draping is alluring and dazzling and the double pallu drape looks unique. This outfit is a blend of two sarees that offer the illusion of the dupatta on your right shoulder. All you need to do is pick two sarees of different contrasting shades and wrap one of the pallu around your neck or right shoulder.

Mermaid draping style

The mermaid contemporary draping style is used to drape a regular six-yard saree, the lower pleats are spread out and then the pallu is brought from the back to the front and tucked in to complete the look. This saree style gives you the appearance of the mermaid’s tail and looks glamorous when paired with chiffon or georgette sarees.

Cancan skirt saree draping style
With a cancan skirt, the pleats are generally at the back which offers this skirt a full-body similar to a ball gown. Always ensure that the skirt is a contrasting shade to the saree so that it looks and feels like a beautiful billowy dress making it perfect to incorporate with your Indian bridal saree.

In Conclusion
Heading into the wedding season doesn’t need to be pricey and if you invest in just a couple of sarees and use different draping styles, you can create lovely pieces that exude beauty and elegance. Always make sure that the saree you pick suits your body type and that you invest in a D'Coat that is made from the softest lycra material and offer you a comfortable, breathable option to wear underneath your saree to enhance and shape your figure. You can easily choose the shade, variety, and size you want to pair perfectly with your outfit.