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What Petticoat Style Complements a Saree Best?

November 22nd, 2023

"When uncertain about your attire, opt for a saree!" This statement succinctly captures the essence of the saree's significance in our wardrobes. There's no denying the timeless allure of an ethnic saree look; its grace and charm are unparalleled. For many women, the saree is their default choice for special occasions, whether it's a wedding, birthday party, or a casual get-together. It's the go-to outfit with minimal chances of going wrong.

The timeless elegance of a saree lies not just in its intricate draping but also in the layers that contribute to its grace. One often-overlooked yet crucial element in achieving the perfect saree look is the petticoat. The right petticoat not only enhances the drape but also ensures comfort and confidence. Amidst the plethora of options available, choosing the perfect petticoat that transforms you into a diva for your special occasion can be challenging. That's where we step in.

In this exploration of saree styling, let's delve into the world of petticoats and discover what style complements a saree best.

The Basics of Petticoats
Before delving into the ideal petticoat style, it's essential to understand the basics. A petticoat is a garment worn under the saree to provide the base for draping. It plays a vital role in determining the fall and overall appearance of the saree. While there are various fabrics and styles available, I AM offers petticoats (D’Coats) in cotton lycra that is 100% Azo free, skin friendly and absorbs sweat in various styles.

Consideration of Fabric
Opt for the cotton lycra petticoat to add a subtle sheen and ensure the saree falls gracefully. At the same time, the cotton lycra petticoats offers the utmost comfort and is 100% Azo free. The sweat absorbing ability of the cotton lycra petticoats make the cotton lycra petticoats, the perfect choice of the fabric of petticoats.

Matching Colors and Tones
The color of the petticoat is as crucial as its fabric. While a nude or beige petticoat is a versatile choice for most sarees, consider matching the petticoat color to the saree for a seamless look. However, contrasting petticoats can also be a bold choice, adding a unique touch to the overall ensemble.

Elevating Your Petticoat Game
When it comes to finding the perfect petticoat to complement your saree, we offer a wide range of options. With a diverse collection of petticoats in different colors, and styles, we cater to the varied needs of saree enthusiasts. Check out the different types of petticoats as below:

D’Coat Simple
I AM offers D’Coat Simple, a curated collection for saree enthusiasts. This line focuses on offering elegant and comfortable options to complement your sarees. Crafted from cotton lycra fabrics, these essentials ensure a seamless and comfortable drape, enhancing the overall grace of your saree ensemble. Elevate your saree styling with these thoughtfully designed pieces that seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe. Explore the collection now and discover the perfect companions for your sarees at the I AM.

D’Coat Simple with Extender
The D’Coat Simple with Extender collection is essentially the classic D’Coat but comes equipped with a distinctive extender feature. This unique addition empowers you to adjust the length of the D’Coat, extending or shortening it by 2 inches. This flexibility provides you with the option to wear heels or go for a no-heels look, giving you the versatility to tailor your outfit to your preferred style.

D’Coat Bells
Presenting another I AM masterpiece, D’Coat Bells are the sort of multipurpose skirts that can be worn as a petticoat as well as a skirt. The D’Coat Bells are the Frilled skirts with soft cancan. With the mermaid fit around the hips, these D’Coat Bells elevate the body shape. These can be worn with a crop top, kurta or you can style them in multiple ways. Explore the range now to redefine your saree styling with a blend of sophistication and modern fashion.

D’Coat Waves
D’Coat Waves are no-frill Skirts with can can. Similar to the D’Coat Bells, they can be worn with a crop top, kurta or you can style them in multiple ways. The D’Coat Waves are versatile petticoat design that offer your saree an enormous drape. Similarly to the D’Coat Bells, the D’Coat Waves offer the mermaid fit around the hips. Elevate your saree styling with the chic and trendsetting options presented in the D’Coat Waves collection, available exclusively at I AM.

D’Coat Flow
The D’Coat Flow collection presents a versatile skirt that serves as both a petticoat and a standalone garment. Crafted from luxurious silk fabric and featuring a soft can for added comfort, this multipurpose skirt from D’Coat ensures a delightful wearing experience. It offers a convenient online option for a dress petticoat that seamlessly pairs with crop tops, shirts, kurtas, and more. This versatile piece allows you to flaunt various styles effortlessly, making it an ideal choice for the festive shaadi season.

Key Considerations When Choosing Petticoats from I AM

1. Fabric Variety: I AM offers a range of petticoats in various fabrics, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your saree, whether it's cotton lycra, or silk.

2. Color Options: With an extensive palette of colors, I AM allows you to pick the right shade that complements or contrasts with your saree, elevating your overall look.

3. Customization: Some occasions call for unique requirements. I AM provides customization options, allowing you to tailor the length and waist size according to your preferences.

In the intricate dance of draping a saree, the petticoat plays a silent yet significant role. Choosing the right petticoat style, considering factors like fabric, color, and tone, is essential to achieve a flawless and comfortable drape. With platforms like I AM offering a diverse range of options, finding the perfect petticoat has never been easier. So, the next time you adorn a beautiful saree, pay attention to the details, and let the right petticoat style enhance your saree game to new heights.

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