Style Guide to Wear a D’Coat

Posted on December 30th, 2022 05:32 PM
Style Guide to Wear a D’Coat

Many women in India wear a saree. Be it that special occasion of festivities or a daily routine like going to work, a saree is worn on various occasions. Here is where the use of our D'Coat comes in handy. There is no need to look back on the outdated and traditional petti-coat any longer. It is time to shine in our D'Coat instead and drape your saree without difficulty for a smooth experience.

Slay Any Day with the D'Coat

You can get a D'Coat of any colour and size at I AM. We know well that draping a saree and looking ravishing is not easy, but we are here to help you in your saree-draping journey. With years of experience and encounters in the saree-draping niche, our products are for every woman to bring out the best in her. Our D'Coat comes in breathable fabrics and is flexible to stretch and alter according to your needs. Moreover, they have the required flare and volume with high-quality texture to give you an incredible draping experience and be the centre of attention.

Unconventional Ways for a Unique Experience
Alright, ladies! Let us get into the exciting part, shall we? D'Coat is usually worn with a saree, but it doesn't have to be limited. Every day new fashion statements and choices are being introduced to us, so why not take our D'Coat out of the conventional way and approach it with a fresh outlook?

Crop it up

The impressive thing about D'Coat is that it can be worn and styled casually, making you stand out in the crowd. Try and go for new style choices outside your comfort zone if needed; trust us, you won't regret the decision. Instead of draping with a saree, why not style it with a crop top that adds a striking look and a new fashion style to your wardrobe? Using a crop top or a crop shirt changes your overall style with an indo-fusion look that everyone would love.

Drape and Slay

This season is undoubtedly for experimenting with different looks with the D'Coat. There are always new inspirations in the fashion industry, and using accessories other than the usual outerwear will change your appearance. A scarf with gorgeous patterns and shapes with vibrant colours can be used to drape as a top. A crisscross style or by draping over the shoulders, it is possible for you to try and gain different looks and stick with the one that you love the most. You will look amazing this season with the right choice of scarf and style - we do not doubt it.

Ethnic Look to the Rescue
Fusion looks are stunning and trending nowadays, but why not go entirely ethnic and get that traditional look? A classic look is always the best and safest option for any occasion. Choose a kurta with a side slit pattern and an excellent material that would complement the D'Coat of your choice. The flare and volume of the D'Coat will add that extra dramatic effect to your look, which can never go wrong. Further, you can gain a chic look by adding accessories like a scarf or some elegant jewellery pieces to pair with it - and there you go, a finished look for the event.

Finish it with an Accessory
It is essential to know that whatever style you choose will always make it better when paired with an excellent accessory of choice. A fine jewellery piece or a fashionable belt can enhance your fashion statement. Add on a stunning scarf or stole to get that best look. Every way, the D'Coat will help you to have that new effect on your fashion game. Okay, that’s a wrap for the day. It is time to slay on the D'Coat of your choice.