Know the Difference Between Saree Shapewear and Traditional Petticoat

Posted on August 13th, 2022 04:22 PM
Know the Difference Between Saree Shapewear and Traditional Petticoat

A saree is the one outfit that can make a woman look modest and graceful and the most seductive in the room. Draping a saree is truly an art. Like any other masterpiece, a beautiful saree drape requires a comfortable and strong foundation - the saree shapewear.

The saree has evolved and is now available in a variety of weaves and drapes. The petticoat however remains inherent with the same basic problems. In fact, most women still avoid wearing sarees due to the traditional petticoats, which are a pain to wear.

But ladies, the new era of shapewear has now begun, which has made wearing sarees fun and comfortable. You can buy this shapewear for sarees online.

Difference Between A Traditional Petticoat And A Saree Shapewear

The traditional petticoat, most of the time, lacks stretchability and gathers around the waist. The shapewear, on the other hand, is stretchable, suiting the postural needs of the wearer.

In traditional petticoats, drawstrings are made of leftover fabric and are stitched, unlike shapewear which has a weaved drawstring with ample thickness to hold the heaviest of sarees. Shapewear drawstrings are elastic in nature and don't cause bruises while carrying most of the saree weight.

One size fits all is the motto behind traditional petticoats. Modern shapewear on the other hand is made as per your body measurement and are available in various sizes.

Just like the size, heights are also a fixed variable for the traditional underskirts. The D'coat or shapewear at I AM is available with extenders per the wearer's height. Now you can wear the same petticoats with heels or no heels.

The shapewear has a slit at the lower end, which ensures you can move around with grace and dance your heart away.

Since traditional underskirts are made of cutout pieces, the sewing lines are visible under light-coloured sarees. Contrastingly, the shapewear is seamless and gives a beautiful finish.

Get Your Perfect Shapewear from I AM by Dolly Jain

Who would know the intricacies of shapewear better than a professional saree draping artist? While designing the shapewear, we keep in mind the little things like a drawstring, length, stitch, etc to provide you a D'Coat that fits like a glove. You can place your preferred D’coat order at our online store.

P.S - We also customize the shapewear as per your requirements because your comfort is our priority.