Correct Way to Wear an Underskirt/ D'Coat/Petticoat - Expert Tips by Dolly Jain

Posted on July 4th, 2022 06:24 PM
Correct Way to Wear an Underskirt/ D'Coat/Petticoat - Expert Tips by Dolly Jain

Ladies, let's just all agree that D'Coat/petticoat is the most important part of saree draping. A good petticoat not only brings out the look of the saree, but also enhances the contours of your body. Moreover, a well suited & comfortable petticoat makes you feel at your best.

The main aspects of today’s saree, the blouse and the petticoat, have come very recently with the arrival of Persian and British rulers. Even though saree draping has evolved and many new styles have come up, a perfectly draped saree is still a mystery for many women.

A lot of women have questions about petticoats. Wear to place the petticoat, what exactly is a D’coat, & how to wear it?

So ladies, sit back & relax while Dolly Jain, the saree-draping wiz who has been the talk of the town after draping sarees for Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, and other big Bollywood beauties, shares some expert tips on how to wear an under skirt/D'Coat/petticoat perfectly.

So, let's read on.

Expert Tips on Wearing a D'Coat

For the women who wear a saree every day, wearing a petticoat may seem like child's play but for the ones who only wear sarees on special occasions, wearing a good and ideal petticoat needs special consideration. Here are some tips by Dolly Jain on how to wear D'Coat under a saree for a perfect drape and fit.

    1. Position of the Petticoat
The correct position for wearing a petticoat is on the navel. However, if you wish to wear it above the navel, then you see a very less gap between the blouse and the petticoat.

    2. Drawstring side of the Petticoat
Most women tie the drawstring of their petticoat on the left side, but it is better to keep the drawstring on the right side as it is the side where the pallu will go and will cover the bulge. Thereby, giving a smooth look to the saree.

    3. Petticoat according to Palla
In case you are keeping an ulta palla, you are free to tie the drawstring on the left to cover the bulge. This will give a smooth look to the right side of the saree.

So, trying these 3 hacks for wearing a petticoat will help in giving a seamless look to the saree and make your saree look perfect.

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