Bell-Shaped Petticoats to Elevate Your Style

Posted on April 14th, 2023 11:04 AM

Sarees, the eternal drape, plays an important role for many women in India. The timeless silhouette has been a part of the everlasting fashion game as well as day-to-day wearing options for a long time. But the classy and ethereal charm of this stunning 6 yards of cloth comes out only when it is wrapped around with the correct technique and accessories.

A major contribution to bringing out the true grace of the saree is of the petticoat, which decides how beautifully the drape and flair of the outfit come out. Often people neglect the importance of such under-accessories but the underlying significance of the petticoat is far more extensive.
However, women today understand the value of saree shapewear and are keen to experiment with different styles to bring out the best flair in their saree.

I AM by Dolly Jain is one such brand that provides a variety of saree shapewear online and re-modernizes the traditional saree petticoats with the comfortable, stylish, and right fit in shapewear petticoats online.

Bell-Shaped Petticoats at I AM by Dolly Jain
One such pick is a bell-shaped petticoat that offers a sleek body-fit style or mermaid fit from the waist to the knee and a beautiful flair pattern towards the end, elevating your body shape. The overall design of this petticoat is redesigned in a manner that it offers the perfect drape to your saree.

Furthermore, you can cherish its design as a skirt and style it with crop tops, a kurta, or as per your styling options. It is designed with a soft cancan to provide you with both comfort and elegance so that you can make heads turn, no matter where you go.

A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style
Dolly jain believes that fashion and comfort should always go hand-in-hand so that the wearer can show their true self out with confidence while enjoying their best selves. Thus, all the shapewear petticoats online at - “I AM by Dolly Jain” are made with soft, comfortable, breathable fabric like cotton lycra.

The cotton quickly absorbs sweat and doesn’t make your skin feel itchy, while lycra adds the perfect amount of stretch so that you can flexibly move and sit around as per your wish. The shapewear has a weaved drawstring, hook, and zip so that you can comfortably put it on without any hassle.

Already seems like your dream petticoat? But, wait, here’s the best part!

Get a Perfect Shapewear Petticoat Online at I AM by Dolly Jain
We understand the needs of women to its core, and thus the bell-shaped petticoat comes with a pocket so that you can easily take care of your important belongings. Also, we understand your body type, and thus our shape wears are available in different sizes. From small to plus size petticoats for saree to custom-made sizes, we have everything that will give you a timeless drape.

Discover a variety of shades and colors like - red, yellow, beige, black, and much more to find your ideal fit.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that celebrity-like drape and style on with the right shapewear that is multi-purpose and makes you shine out for your next event. You can also check out other styles and patterns like D’Coat waves, D’Coat flow, etc., in the shapewear online at our store. Accent them with a crop top, tube top, or use them as shapewear as per your choice.