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Always Shaadi Ready with the D'Coat

February 18th, 2023

The one thing that comes to every woman's mind during the wedding season is to look her best in whatever attire she picks. Especially, if you are planning to hit the celebrations with something ethnic like saree, focusing on every little detail is crucial. From the picking of saree design, fabric, blouse design, and even the petticoat for saree you choose, will decide how your entire ensemble comes out.

Petticoat holds an important role in giving your saree a perfect drape and flair that your dream of and thus you must choose the right fit for yourself. But worry not, D’Coat is here to help you with the right type of petticoats so that you are always shaadi ready with your flawless look.

Dolly Jain's several years of expertise, thorough knowledge about the art of saree draping and understanding of the Indian body type has culminated in the D’Coat. Your search for ladies petticoat online ends here where you can cherish the flawless designs and different varieties.

Here are different types of D’Coats to make you shadi ready -


The Simple D’Coat is a perfect pick for an elegant and subtle-looking saree drape which also provides you the comfort to be yourself. From Banarasi silks to organza, georgette and chiffon, Simple D’Coat with weaved drawstring is the best accompaniment for all kinds of sarees.

The quality of the fabric used in making simple D’Coat is a premium version and is made from cotton lycra. This cotton petticoat for Saree is extremely comfortable to wear, and the elastic waistband accompanied with weaved drawstrings ensure that it does not cause any bruises/ rashes around the waist.   

Also, the fabric used in creation of this petticoat design is 100% Azo free, skin friendly and absorbs sweat. So, be the diva you have always dreamt of with the comfort that you deserve.

Simple with Extender

The Simple with Extender D’Coat is designed and stitched for the free-wheeling personalities who love to go bold. It is made from cotton lycra fabric and is not at all your regular petticoat. The fabric is not only comfortable but also stretchable and has weaved drawstrings.

The unique Extender allows you to lengthen or shorten the D’Coat by 2 inches, giving you the choice of wearing heels or no heels. It is also a very clever item of clothing that you must have in your wardrobe to experiment as much as you like with your looks.

D’Coat Bells

D’Coat Bells gives your saree drape a beautiful flair and adds just the right amount of volume to your pleats. It holds a body fit shape at the starting while holding a minimal flair at the bottom so that you get that dreamy saree drape while flaunting your body type.

It has a weaved drawstring along with a hook and a zip for easy to wear comfort. The fabric of the petticoat is made from cotton lycra. The best part ladies, is here! Our Petticoat design also has a pocket in it to cover all your wedding season needs with super-ease. Also, the soft cancan attached doesn’t irritate your skin and provides you the comfort you deserve.

D’Coat Waves

The D’Coat Waves is a versatile petticoat design that gives your saree an enormous drape. It has a mermaid fit around the hips, elevating the body shape. It can be worn with a crop top, kurta or you can style it in multiple ways.  

It has a weaved drawstring, hook and zip and is made from cotton lycra muslin fabric. This variety also holds a pocket to help you carry your essentials during the wedding season. It also has a voluminous frail at its bottom which gives your saree the perfect shape.

D’Coat Flow

The D’Coat Flow is a multipurpose skirt that can be worn as a petticoat as well as a skirt. It is made with silk fabric and soft can to provide you comfort. D’Coat provides you a dress petticoat online that you can easily wear with crop tops, shirts, kurta and in other multiple ways that you can flaunt during shaadi season.

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