5 Worst Fabrics for a Petticoat

Posted on March 14th, 2023 11:32 AM

Petticoats have been an essential part of women's fashion for centuries. They are worn underneath skirts and dresses to add volume and shape to the garment. People buy saree petticoat without giving a second thought about the fabric used and whether it is suitable to wear.

However, not all fabrics are suitable for petticoats. Some fabrics can be uncomfortable, unflattering, or even damage the outer garment and even your skin. In this blog, we'll discuss the five worst fabrics for a petticoat that should be avoided especially during the summer season.

Satin is a doppelganger of silk and looks stunning when worn. However, it is not meant to be included in petticoat fabric. The fabric is not meant for summers or humid weather because of its sweat retention capacity. It neither absorbs sweat nor lets it escape and can make you smell bad within a few hours.

As from the draping perspective, Satin is a slippery fabric, which can make the petticoat slide around underneath the skirt, causing it to bunch up and create an unflattering silhouette. Furthermore, it can be easily damaged by the friction of other fabrics, making it a poor choice for a petticoat.

Another must-avoid fabric while buying ladies petticoat online is Taffeta. It is a stiff, crisp fabric that is often used in formal wear. While it can look beautiful on the outside of a dress or skirt, it is not a great choice for a petticoat.

Because of its crispness, the fabric can be uncomfortable to wear, and it does not provide much volume or shape to the outer garment. Additionally, it can be noisy when it rubs against other fabrics, making it a big no-no for petticoat fabric.

Bizzie lizzie
Some people might perceive bizzie lizzie as a fine option to include in a petticoat because of its lightweight feature and the fact it is a synthetic fabric. It is mostly used in lingerie and sleepwear which makes it more obvious to think about it as a fine option. However, it is not and does not provide much structure or volume to the outer garment, and it can easily become wrinkled or damaged.

Additionally, Bizzie Lizzie can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods, especially if it is tight-fitting, leaving a mark on your skin or causing skin irritation.

People often fall for materials like Lycra while purchasing readymade petticoat online. It is a stretchy, synthetic fabric that is often used in athletic wear and leggings. While it may seem like a good fit, it is not! The fabric can be too tight-fitting, making it uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

When buying summer clothes, or even regular clothes, make sure you buy clothes which allow your skin to breathe. Furthermore, it is too stretchy, which can cause the petticoat to lose its shape and become lumpy and unflattering. Thus, it must be avoided while purchasing petticoats.

Another bizarre pick is hosiery which is too thin or delicate to provide any volume or shape to the outer garment. One should never use it in petticoats as it can easily become torn or snagged. Also, the fabric is uncomfortable to wear and does not provide any support or structure.

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